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L-1 Intracompany Transferee

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Chicago, IL: The L-1 non-immigrant visa category allows existing employees of a multinational employer abroad to transfer to that employer’s United States operations. The L-1 category has no annual limitation on the number of employees. The L-1 category requires the employee to have worked for the employer abroad for at least one (1) year within the past three (3) years, and to be assuming temporary U.S. employment in either an executive/managerial (L-1A) or a specialized knowledge (L-1B) capacity. The U.S. entity of the employer must have a parent, subsidiary, affiliate, branch, or 50-50 joint venture relationship with the entity abroad from which the employee is transferring. Employers must obtain petition approval for L-1 employees from the Department of Homeland Security; only then may the employee apply for an L-1 visa at a U.S. consulate abroad. The U.S. government has established an expedited “blanket” L-1 program for certain large-scale, high-mobility organizations regularly transferring employees to the U.S. as part of their ongoing multinational operations, which allows individual employees to skip the petitioning process and apply directly with the U.S. consulate.

Partnerships can create a whole different set of unanticipated issues. Often partners are friends or colleagues that overlook the potential issues that can arise when two or more people interpret a given situation differently. In such a case, a comprehensive operating agreement can be the difference between a successful partnership and an opportunity lost which could have easily been prevented. One of our primary focuses in this arena is the setup and advising of clients who wish to use a business to obtain an immigration benefit. As displayed in this site, there are a number of visas that are based on businesses being properly set up and managed to be profitable and in compliance with immigration laws and regulations. The Murtaz Law Group will not only help set up and advise your business but will also make sure it complies with the USCIS standards and requirements that are necessary to obtain and, if necessary, renew, the visa type you are seeking.

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