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One thing is certain: Immigrants who decide to live in the United States want to invest in something. One of the options most sought after are franchises which reduce risks and increase the odds of success. This business model offers advantages, with a business plan, business advice and a well-known brand and operation in the United States.

When deciding which type of business to use in their investor or employment-based application, some intending immigrants see the opportunity in established US franchises. Although the franchisee often must select a location, train employees and marketing, the franchise can be a good choice because it already brings to the investor a consolidated brand in the market and a defined operation.

According to a survey by Visa Franchise, the most sought-after branches are: beauty, fitness, property management, cleaning and frozen desserts. They also point to a growth in the pet market, something to keep an eye on in the coming years.

To get started on which visa types are available with this model or any business model for entrepreneurs contact our office today. Our team is ready to answer your questions!

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