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Murtaz Law is a U.S. immigration law firm representing clients in immigration and business matters and for over 10 years helping families and individuals to legally immigrate to de USA, whether temporary or permanent immigration.


Our clients recognize the need for creativity through a methodical and efficient understanding of the law and personalized strategy. No two clients are alike, so each client is given a unique approach to their situation to deliver the best outcome. We understand that our clients’ lives are directly impacted by our work and we take that responsibility very seriously.


These are only a few of the services that Murtaz Law attorneys can provide. After a thorough analysis and understanding of your personal and business goals, we craft a unique strategy that is fully customized to your needs and offers a variety of different options to meet your goals.

We understand that each client is different, so we need to understand your case and develop a unique strategy that not only is fully customized to you but also offers a variety of different options to accommodate your current needs.



Lawyer specializing in immigration to the United States

Based in Illinois (USA), where he is a member of the Bar Association and the American Immigration Lawyers Association, Murtaz Navsariwala is a lawyer specializing in immigration to the United States. Murtaz holds a Bachelor’s in Economics and History from Northwestern University and a Juris Doctor in Law from Indiana University Bloomington (Maurer School of Law). He is also the founder of Murtaz Law, where he has been successfully working in cases of temporary immigration, family, naturalization, and, mainly, employment-based visas, including the EB2-NIW, which allows foreigners to obtain a Green Card. Murtaz Navsariwala built his reputation with the success of the EB2-NIW cases he has handled throughout his career, becoming a reference for qualified professionals, artists, and elite athletes who aim to advance their professional career or endeavor in the USA. Murtaz Law currently has a success of 99.5% of approved cases.



English, Portuguese, Spanish

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