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Attention, tourist! Your visa is for leisure only.

If you are (or intend to go) to the USA with a B1/B2 visa, your purpose in the country must be only one: tourism!

This is a non-immigrant visa that allows entry into the country for business purposes (B1) and tourism/visitor (B2). It is granted for temporary activities, such as vacation trips, visits to family and friends, participation in social events, and limited business activities.

Despite being a gateway to the USA, the tourist visa (B1/B2) comes with important restrictions such as the prohibition of studying and working during the stay in the country.

Since this visa grants the visitor up to 180 days of legal stay in the USA, it is common to find people who take advantage of this time to take a course or even to work remotely for their home countries.

One must be very careful because this is not allowed!

Such actions violate the conditions of the visa and can result in serious consequences, such as immediate revocation, deportation, and even a ban on returning to the USA for a specified period of time.

Furthermore, these violations can negatively affect the individual's reputation with immigration authorities, making it difficult for future attempts to obtain visas or entry authorizations into American territory.

In other words, it is very important to understand and respect the conditions of the tourist visa to avoid adverse consequences. If you entered the USA and your intention has become to study or work, it is necessary to request a change of status. And, with that, the Murtaz Law team can help you!

With over 13 years in the market and 99.5% of cases approved, we have experience, knowledge, and commitment to our clients.

If your intention to stay in the USA has changed, click on this link and send us a message. We are available to help and guide you in the best way possible.

About Murtaz Law

With more than a decade of experience, we take pride in guiding families and individuals on their journey to legally immigrate to the USA, whether temporarily or permanently.


Our success story spans a variety of cases, including temporary immigration, family reunification, naturalization, and especially, work visas like the EB2-NIW, which leads to the Green Card. Over the years, we have built a solid reputation and become a reference for skilled professionals, artists, and elite athletes who wish to expand their careers or undertake ventures in the USA.


Our 99.5% approval rate in cases demonstrates our commitment to a personalized approach, combining ethics, creativity, and deep knowledge of the laws and economic issues. We recognize that each client has a unique story and work side by side, individually, to create tailored strategies that achieve the desired outcomes. We take the importance of our work in our clients' lives seriously. Your future deserves a unique strategy, and we at Murtaz Law have the experience and expertise to meet your immigration needs.

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