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EB1-C Multinational Managers & Executive

Individuals eligible for multinational executive or manager classification under the employment-based first preference (“EB-1-C”) are at a huge advantage in the green card process. While they may skip the labor certification process normally required of their employers, they must have an offer of employment from a U.S. organization that is the parent, subsidiary, affiliate, branch, or joint venture of their previous employer abroad.EB1-C Multinational Managers & Executives individuals must also demonstrate that their past work with the qualifying employer abroad was for at least one full year (365 days) within the three years preceding the green card filing or their initial entry into the U.S. and that both the past work abroad and the prospective work in the U.S. constitute executive or managerial employment. With regard to the latter requirement, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has devoted an unusually high level of scrutiny in recent years to ensure that these qualifying periods of employment indicate overall leadership, direct oversight over other key professionals and projects, and high levels of discretionary authority and decision-making. Our attorneys speak a variety of languages including Portuguese (Brazilian), Spanish, Urdu and Gujrati and have worked with international clients and businesses on a variety of these matters. Understanding that business does not always work the same way everywhere in the world is essential in helping our clients achieve the results they desire, often with cross-border and multi-lingual implications. The Murtaz Law Group knows that each client’s individual situation is unique and we will guide you through the best options available under EB1-C MULTINATIONAL MANAGERS / EXECUTIVES. After gaining a thorough understanding of each client’s given situation, timeframes and goals, we strive to provide the best option, personalized for each client, with the value and efficiency our clients have come to expect.

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