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Is it possible EB2-NIW for those who work in banks?

If you are a skilled professional in the banking or financial field, EB2-NIW is an excellent visa option to obtain your permanent residency in the USA.

Traditionally, this visa category has been popular among professionals in fields such as science, technology, health, and business, but it's not limited to them!

What does it take for a banker to qualify for EB2-NIW?

One of the main requirements of EB-2 NIW is to demonstrate how the candidate contributes to the national interest of the USA.

In the case of bankers, this can be done in various ways, such as creating jobs, innovating banking practices, or providing financial services that benefit the economy and the community at large.

Additionally, you need to demonstrate exceptional skills and experience that set you apart from other professionals in the field.

Include in your application letters of recommendation, awards or professional recognitions, relevant publications, patents, among others. The important thing is to prove relevant experience and significant achievements in your career. Specialization courses, master's and doctoral degrees also help with qualification.

What is the first step to know if I am qualified?

The first step is to find an immigration lawyer specialized in EB2-NIW to conduct an eligibility analysis of your resume. At Murtaz Law, for example, we do this analysis for free.

After verifying that you meet the basic requirements, the next step is to understand how your experience can contribute significantly to the USA. Your application will be based on this contribution, which constitutes the demonstration of the national interest mentioned above.

With planning and strategy, you will have a solid proposal with the potential for approval to present.

Therefore, if you are in the banking field and want to live and work legally in the USA,  click on this link and send us a message. We have over 13 years of experience and can help you achieve this dream!

About Murtaz Law

With more than a decade of experience, we take pride in guiding families and individuals on their journey to legally immigrate to the USA, whether temporarily or permanently.


Our success story spans a variety of cases, including temporary immigration, family reunification, naturalization, and especially, work visas like the EB2-NIW, which leads to the Green Card. Over the years, we have built a solid reputation and become a reference for skilled professionals, artists, and elite athletes who wish to expand their careers or undertake ventures in the USA.


Our 99.5% approval rate in cases demonstrates our commitment to a personalized approach, combining ethics, creativity, and deep knowledge of the laws and economic issues. We recognize that each client has a unique story and work side by side, individually, to create tailored strategies that achieve the desired outcomes. We take the importance of our work in our clients' lives seriously. Your future deserves a unique strategy, and we at Murtaz Law have the experience and expertise to meet your immigration needs.

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